Trove Detective: Samuel Young’s Diary: On Finally Reaching Jensens.

A Welcome Beacon in the Wilderness. Danebo Hotel, Martin’s Creek.¬†Courtesy: Centre for Gippsland Studies Pictures Collection, Monash University Research Repository¬† There was a beam to be removed at the crossing of the creek and the boy asks the child to get off and move it. This necessitates getting the only dry article, the saddle, wet.Continue reading “Trove Detective: Samuel Young’s Diary: On Finally Reaching Jensens.”

Ellen O’Reilly: Keeping the Family Together.

Finding more ways around Rookwood Necropolis Babies Michael, Mary & Agnes O’Reilly have no headstone Cemetery Transcriptions are another way to trace family members you may be looking for, through inscriptions on headstones and memorials in cemeteries. It’s always rewarding to find where all the members of a family are located so they are rememberedContinue reading “Ellen O’Reilly: Keeping the Family Together.”