Faces & Places: Shellharbour, NSW

Welcome Home The connection between people and place is at the heart of our family photographs and evident both inside or outside our homes. There are many sources of images and information on the history of our homes, especially our local council libraries and museums where we can learn a surprising amount about the placeContinue reading “Faces & Places: Shellharbour, NSW”

The Story of ‘Our Great Grandmother’s Sewing Box’.

What about the Box? Nowadays, our great grandmother’s old sewing box is much the worse for wear, but still loved and treasured regardless. There’s no picture of Nanna so that’s all there is. The box’s story has become interwoven with the lives of her many children and grandchildren. As a child, I was in aweContinue reading “The Story of ‘Our Great Grandmother’s Sewing Box’.”