Spring Clean Up: Photo Rescue

KEEPSAKES or CLUTTER? Welcome to September and the first week of Spring. Where do we start our Spring Clean up? What about your family photos? Are they languishing in a box unloved and unsorted like this? Their prospects look grim unless they are sorted and labelled or passed onto new owners, family, friends, local librariesContinue reading “Spring Clean Up: Photo Rescue”

Photo Avalanche: Decisions! Decisions!

Focus on Photos and Car Birth Signs  Now we’ve had a few days to consider our photo books and ponder the big questions, what have you decided? What is your photo book all about? What is it’s working title? What time frame do you want to cover? What content or focus do you want inContinue reading “Photo Avalanche: Decisions! Decisions!”

The Story of ‘Our Grandad’s Treasured Photos’

Our Nearest & Dearest Our family does not have many early photos. Just a few very precious ones. Grandad’s two sons always took pride of place on the china cabinet.    Grandad’s early days are marked by these two photos, that’s all. The wrinkles are from the earlier photo being kept in his father’s walletContinue reading “The Story of ‘Our Grandad’s Treasured Photos’”

The Story of ‘Our Grandad and his Box’.

What’s in the Box? Somewhere, everywhere there are boxes. Hidden in our cupboards, drawers and dark corners. Once loved and cherished for the secrets or treasures that were held most dear, but time moves on and so do we. Our boxes are lost and forgotten, even discarded or abandoned to their fate, but not always.Continue reading “The Story of ‘Our Grandad and his Box’.”