Are you STUMPED with your family, property, house or local history? Need help? What do you want to know? Let Explorers Tree help find the answers your looking for, preserve those precious memories of people and places and enable them to be shared with family and friends, now and in the future. Explorers Tree can help in any of the following ways or by meeting your individual requirements, JUST ASK.

Let’s SEARCH your family photos, papers, documents and memorabilia for relevant information, maybe talk to family and friends to evaluate and clarify your questions. Further research will delve deeper and help to bring your stories to life by looking for answers using personal, online or local resources within Australia and overseas.

Let’s SIMPLIFY and record your family research with family trees, timelines, charts, lists, reports & written stories. Identify and search for any necessary missing links or information. With such an abundance of information and resources available the need to stay on track and record or update your results at regular intervals is vital.

Let’s STORE and organise your photos, research & family files into digital or hard copy, using relevant software, storage and archival products as required. Digital technology means we are able to share our photos and resources with as many people as we like.

Let’s SHOWCASE and share your family, property or local history research with your family and friends. Present your stories in reports, books, family trees, photo books, photo frames, albums or slides to provide a lasting record.

Let’s SMILE! First things first. Contact Explorers Tree with your questions, queries or for a quote and let it grow from there, one step at a time.

4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Jess says:

    Robertson’s or acland in Bowning Nsw

  2. Helen Viney says:

    I’m looking for information on an Eccles family supposedly from around Manaroo or Monaro Bourke area, any ideas where to find more info I believe Alfred may have been a bar an or publican

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