Trove Detective: Craig Baynes’ 1950 film ‘Undertow’

Have you visited the National Film & Sound Archive either online, or at their offices in Canberra or elsewhere? While investigating further research on the ballet dancer Queenie Royal, I came across an interesting article on her husband Craig Baynes, who was a film producer. This film review was intriguing and meant I had to visitContinue reading “Trove Detective: Craig Baynes’ 1950 film ‘Undertow’”

From Bowning to Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta NSW

William Swann and his family are rather interesting. William Swann was born near Bradford in England and arrived in Sydney in 1864 after spending nearly four years at sea before he explored outback NSW and worked along the Australian coast. William did not find gold and began teaching in 1876 and continued until his retirementContinue reading “From Bowning to Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta NSW”

Explorers Tree Workshops at Penrith!

Come & Join Our Free Winter Workshops! Trove Detective: The Ever Changing Face of Australia 9.30-10.30am               July 16, July 23 or Sept 10 Join us for this hands on workshop where you will be guided through Trove, a freely available online resource from the National Library of AustraliaContinue reading “Explorers Tree Workshops at Penrith!”