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Ballarat, Vic. Photo Rescue. Campbell Family c. 1895

Coincidences & Photographs Was it six degrees of separation or merely a coincidence that this homeless portrait of the Campbell family, which was unearthed in an antique store in Ballarat, has a direct connection to Yass which was also featured … Continue reading

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Ballarat, Vic. Photo Rescue: Grandmother Marshall’s Grave

Identifying Orphan Photographs It can seem rather daunting to identify & date unknown photographs but there are often clues to be found in the photographs or other resources to help you identify their details, the who, what, where and when. … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer: Time to Keep in Touch

Thinking of you Christmas cards have evolved alongside improvements in photography and printing techniques. Cards can be very useful as images when you don’t have the right picture so think about saving them as they reflect the priorities of the … Continue reading

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Photo Avalanche: A last minute reminder

Keeping It All Together Even though, I thought my photo book was finished this was not quite the case. I nearly forgot to include the school photos! There are often photos that are separate to your main photos or albums … Continue reading

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Parramatta, NSW. Exploring Parramatta

Treasuring the Old Amongst the New Parramatta has always been an interesting and historical place. Even though the skyscrapers are now overwhelming, there are still plenty of historical gems hidden away, including Experiment Farm Cottage, Hambledon Cottage, Elizabeth Farm at … Continue reading

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Photo Detective: Keepsakes or Clutter?

Preserving and Sharing Family Photographs Now that winter is here, it’s an ideal time to think about that mysterious shoebox (or pile) of family photographs and documents that you’ve been wondering what to do with. Before you decide to declutter … Continue reading

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Spring Clean Up: Photo Rescue

KEEPSAKES or CLUTTER? Welcome to September and the first week of Spring. Where do we start our Spring Clean up? What about your family photos? Are they languishing in a box unloved and unsorted like this? Their prospects look grim … Continue reading

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Bowning, NSW. Hidden Gems.

Grannie Brown’s Medallion Quilt. Women are often missing in action in our histories. Everyday people doing everyday things don’t usually get much attention, especially women. While recently researching Bowning there was plenty to be found on Trove and elsewhere on … Continue reading

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War Records: WW1 Portraits at the Australian War Memorial

Cecil Stanton of Penrith Whilst preparing the recent workshops on Trove and Australian War Records Online at Penrith, I discovered this portrait of Cecil Stanton of Penrith at the Australian War Memorial. Many of us do not have photos of … Continue reading

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Trove Detective: Matron Grace Margaret Wilson (1879-1957)

A Woman to Remember A search on Trove results in this photo of MISS G.M. WILSON, MATRON-IN-CHIEF, AUSTRALIAN ARMY NURSING SERVICE, 1925-1940 together with an obituary and her Death and Funeral Notices which provides some details of her life and the … Continue reading

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