Keepsakes or Clutter?

Explorers Tree helps to rescue your family photographs & family history to enable you to tell your stories.

Our Mission

  1. We aim to bring people & families together through family photographs.
  2. We aim to connect people, places & events in the past, present & future.
  3. We aim to bring the stories of everyday people to life.
  4. We aim to rescue, recycle & re-use family photos & documents before they become rubbish.

Our History

Rose Goodfellow is a teacher & historian with a passion for family photographs and who loves to explore the connections between people & places in time, and discovering their stories. A researcher at heart, in 2019, Rose gained a Bachelor of Historical Inquiry & Practice, specialising in the study of photographs, including a significant research project with UNE Archives, for an early pioneer family near Armidale.

Explorers Tree was initially a research blog while Rose studied Genealogy with the Society of Australian Genealogists in 2010-11 . This led to an extensive research project for an early pastoral family & property in Bombala. During 2014-16, she facilitated hands-on workshops at Penrith City Library teaching people how to research their family history online through sites such as Trove, the National Archives & the Australian War Memorial, as well as researching photographs.

Rose used the skills she acquired earlier during teaching and her TAFE photography studies as a foundation for her latest studies. Now, rather than take up further studies, Rose has chosen to help you & others work on your family history & family photographs in order to help as many people as possible to tell their stories.

Ultimately, the more that is rescued, the more there is available for everyone to use, especially through free sites such as the National Library of Australia’s Trove, State & Local Libraries.

Regardless, please find the time to consider the fate of your family photographs & documents. Check & see what you have & if they are of value to yourself or others.

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