If it’s time to explore your past, find out more about your family, property or local history, share your story with family and friends or simply ask a question or just get organized, then contact Explorers Tree to discuss how we can help.

What do you really want to know about your family or property in Australia or overseas? Who were they? When did they live? Where did they live? How long were they there? What is their story? What ship did they arrive on, and when? Where are they buried? Were they convicts? Were any of your family in World War I, World War II or other wars? What is your houses’ history? What is your town’s history? Why did they…….? What documents, images, maps or newspapers are available?

Perhaps you just need a few documents located, a family tree chart or to simply sort and organise those piles of family papers and memorabilia before exploring more extensive research. With our help your family or property’s history can be stored and recorded enabling your stories to be shared with family and friends, both now and in the future.

Explorers Tree brings you and your family’s stories back together. By starting with what information you, your family or friends already know we can embark on an exciting journey into the wealth of resources available both online and through people and places, libraries, archives and government departments available in Sydney, Canberra, New South Wales, Australia and overseas. Research is tailored to meet your needs and presented through reports, albums, books, charts, posters, pictures or as required to make the most of our research.

Rose Goodfellow is a keen researcher and photographer with over thirty years experience in family history, a Society of Australian Genealogist’s Certificate in Genealogical Research, a NSW Teaching Diploma and is currently studying history at the University of New England.

So, why wait any longer? Contact us to organise a workshop, consultation, research or even a family get together.

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