Photo Avalanche: Epson FastFoto to the Rescue

Starting with Christmas Memories

Christmas Greetings SLQ207001

Now that its nearly Christmas, why not think about all your Christmas photos hidden away in family albums, shoe boxes or drawers and whether you want to preserve and organise them for the future. Technology seems to have come to our aid with the Epson FastFoto FF-680W which I purchased to scan my many albums and to minimise the space they take up. It’s a huge job but so much easier than scanning one at a time.

Epson FastFoto Scanner

I found a couple of positive reviews from Choice and Tech Guide. It is rather expensive at about A$650 but is hopefully much cheaper and more convenient than photo shops who probably use the same machine anyway. Epson has plenty of videos on how to use it. It seems pretty simple and you can date & name each batch. The batches are limited to 36 photos at a time and there is also a carrier sheet to help scan precious, small, damaged or sticky photos. Obviously organising them by size, date or theme beforehand will make it easier. I shall slowly work my way through each album and if necessary take photos of each page to make a pdf replica so I don’t loose all my notes, comments or their context. Perhaps later, I may add further details if they are important.

Your thoughts

The FastFoto has worked long & hard this year. I have kept it clean & scanned small batches at a time & it has coped well. If you have a FastFoto or would like to leave some comments which might be useful before I embark on my next mammoth scanning project, please let me know.

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