Photo Dig: Bowning, NSW

Moving Mountains

22A. Trove_NAA_1965_Transport at Bowning_Colour
Road Transport near Mt Bowning, 1965. National Archives of Australia 11962995

Recently, I visited Bowning where Mount Bowning is clearly visible on the Hume Highway just pass Yass, to conduct a building survey for my studies. This involved researching the history of Bowning and the surrounding area and focussing on a number of buildings in the village to determine their architectural style, history and age. In the process, I collected all the photographs I could find to show the evolution of the village, its buildings and people over time. The proprietors of the Rollonin’ Cafe, Bowning Hotel and Bowning Primary School were particularly helpful. A visit to the Yass District Historical Society, library and online searches such as Trove revealed a distinct lack of photographs of Bowning. So can you help?

Sometimes, a gem is found such as the recent photo by aussiemobs which was very useful to see which buildings were there in 1906, or the recent article in the Yass Tribune which showed most of the images held by the historical society. It is great when postcards and photographs can be used together to build up a view of the streetscape and the community over a period of time and are invaluable when it comes to documenting their stories. Unfortunately, there are not enough images of Bowning available to illustrate its history so if you are able to dig out some and happy to share your images or stories, it would be greatly appreciated if you made a comment or emailed them to us.

If you visit, some of the buildings include various hotels such as the Bowning Hotel or former Commercial Hotel and the former Rose, Thistle and Shamrock or Cobb & Co Inn, Mayfield House, Steer’s General Store, St James Anglican Church, St Columba’s Catholic Church, the Advance Hall, Bowning  Railway Station and a multitude of cottages together with the old garage, post office, police station and shops. It’s a pleasant outing with coffee or meals available at the hotel or cafes and just a few old photographs if you look closely.



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