Penrith, NSW. Nepean River & Pedestrian Bridge Update

Nepean River Walk, 6.4km Circuit


So many things have happened in Penrith during the last year. While development is still forging ahead, the Nepean River has benefitted greatly from the opening of a wide footpath and cycleway at Tench Reserve as well as the opening of the Nepean River Pedestrian Bridge, last October, near the railway bridge. It was quite miraculous to see the bridge gradually creeping out of the shed in which it was manufactured and cross the river.


Fortunately, we no longer need to walk or cycle across the original road bridge and have such wonderful views of the river. The Nepean river has always been a destination for serious rowers who regularly ply these waters and there is now a National Women’s Training Centre next to the rowing club, which opened in 2017 as well as the nearby Regatta Centre.

On the Emu Plains side of the river the path continues between the two bridges and Regatta Park is going to be upgraded soon with event areas, picnic spots and restaurants. Emu Hall Bar & Kitchen by the Pedestrian Bridge will also open sometime soon, and there is always the Lewers Gallery which has a cafe or the Arms of Australia Museum nearby.

The massive construction of a new boat ramp and trailer parking by the M4 Freeway Bridge which will also greatly increase the popularity and congestion in the area, although the new restaurants have a large carpark. Hopefully, we will also have provision for kayaks out of the way of the power boats. Meanwhile, the Nepean Belle paddle steamer continues to makes its way into the Blue Mountains National Park as far as Euroka Creek at various times during the week and on weekends.

While, the history of Penrith and the Nepean River is not particularly evident as yet, there is a rich history of the river and its people which I hope to explore in the near future. So, if you have any old photographs of the river and people that you would like to share please send them via the contact page. Finally, even though Glenbrook has a brand new Visitors Centre, Penrith still does not have any tourist information centre or a geographical or historical district map for visitors to the river……..yet.

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