Bowning, NSW. Beginnings & Endings

The State Records of New South Wales holds an amazing assortment of archives. While exploring the School archives I came across this wonderful photograph of Bowning Public School  from about 1900 in their Photographic Collection.

SRNSW_Bowning School 1900Bowning Public School, c. 1900. SRNSW 15051-a047-001628

What can we see? It looks like a garden working bee. How many people are there?            How many adults or teachers and how many children? There’s certainly a variety of ages.

How many children were enrolled in the years about 1900? What ages & grades were they? Who was the teacher at this time? Who took the photo? When was this building built? Is it still there?

SRNSW_Bowning School c.1900_32 people

I found 32 people including the photographer.  It appears to be 23 women & 8 boys although No 30 could be a girl & no 17 in the window may be a boy. There is one woman dressed in dark clothing (21) at the back & perhaps 22 & 23 are women too while no 12 seems to be older than school age. Perhaps there are family members too.

Bowning Public School was established in 1849 and celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 1974 & produced a booklet which may shed some more clues. As yet I haven’t found a copy of it but the authors in Trove’s catalogue are worth a look.

If you know anything about Bowning School & this photo or you have others, please let me know so we can add more to their story.

8 thoughts on “Bowning, NSW. Beginnings & Endings

  1. Great photo, thanks for sharing. Have just visited Bowning and had a drink at the beautifully restored Bowning Hotel run by Ron. He is collecting historic material about the town to mount on the walls. There is a good piece on the school in Trove for the SMH 12 January 1850.
    Also a great piece for 1933 with the derailment of the Albury mail at Bowning complete with aerial photos. Taken by a plane with photographer. Amazing.

    I’ll tell him about your photo. Wonder if the local school knows about it ? Previous historic material I sent them was not acknowledged.

    Happy researching.

    Bob Piper.
    Military/aviation historian Canberra.

    1. Thanks Bob, I’m glad you appreciated the photo. The photo is in the school centenary booklet for 1849-1974 so they should/did know about it. It would be great if the pub was unable to un earth some new photos from the locals to add to those that are available on Trove or elsewhere. I have done some research in the area so if you are looking for anything else maybe I can help.
      All the best, Rose

  2. Hi
    I’m am researching my GG Grandfather “Francis William Eglington ” He was married to Eliza Jane Wallace who died in 1872 , he then had a 2nd wife Emma Elizabeth hunt Kaye who died in 1911.
    He was one of the local police officers at what was Bowning police station , he died in 1910 and is buried at the Bowning cemetery. I was just wondering if anyone had any information and or photos of him and the Bowning police station ?? Any locals that might have old photos handed down to them of that time. Thank you 🙂
    im also on as : aandrews65

    1. Thanks Amber, here’s some extra notes from my Bowning Research in case it helps you or others.
      F.W. Eglington, (1835- 1910) Constable & Daughter Louisa Eglington

      Bowning Cemetery
      Eglington Emma Elizabeth died 11.4.1911 aged 67 years.
      Eglington Francis William died 25.10.1910 aged 77 years.
      Eglington Jane, beloved daughter of Francis William and Eliza Jane killed in Exeter Railway disaster 14.3.1914 aged 49 years.

      Newspapers on Trove.
      Eglinton constable 1884 found suicide near Bowning Trove Trooper
      Eglington constable 1883 Constable Eglington of Bowning Trove Trooper

      State records of New South Wales
      SRNSW Police Index 1863 Francis Eglin(g)ton Service No. 1188 Born 1835 Ireland. Appointed 4 March 1863. Reel 3043 [8/3251-2-3]

  3. My name is Geraldene Collier,I was wondering if I am able to get a copy of 125th Anniverestyof Bowning School I have sent the book at the Library in Canberra, my reason fir the bike being my Mum along with one sister and brother are in the school photo dated 1920. My mum came from Bowningher maiden name was Hilly that is Annie Hilly I have seen the photo in the rollonincafe in cafe in Bowning much to my delight . The house that Mum lived in is still standing when Mum lived there it was called Cashel not sur of the street name but it backs on to the rail line going away from the pub and station toward Melbourne . My elder sisters remember going there during the war.Would like to know if any there is anywhere we could find out about old school photos or history of the school . Many thanks . Geraldene Collier , ps Mums married name was Annie Tait born 14th April 1913. Passed away 5th September 2001.

    1. So glad to help Geraldine. If you phone or email Bowning School next week they will be able to organise a digital copy of the 1920s photo if you want it. I am unsure of the cost.
      Their details are Phone:6227 6093

  4. Hello there. My 2 x Great Grand Uncle was William Gow (Jnr) who taught at Bowning from 1895-c.1902 or 1904 (according to teachers’ records at State Archives), so he was probably around when the image was taken, I am wondering if that was his wife Ellen in the black outfit? I am currently writing a book about his father, another William Gow, one of the early colonial teachers who was at Wilberforce.

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