Photo Avalanche: Decisions! Decisions!

Focus on Photos and Car Birth Signs 

PBk_Baby+BikeNow we’ve had a few days to consider our photo books and ponder the big questions, what have you decided?

  • What is your photo book all about?
  • What is it’s working title?
  • What time frame do you want to cover?
  • What content or focus do you want in the photos?
  • What mood or tone do you prefer?
  • How personal do you want it to be (or not)?
  • How much text do you want?
  • How many pages (to start with)?

After much consideration I’ve decided to make a photo book focusing on my family’s history according to the cars we’ve had and the places we’ve travelled, at different times. So far, I’ve decided on the following points:

  • TITLE: My Car: Signs of the Time
  • WHO & WHEN: Four generations of family members.
  • WHAT: Photos of family members with motor cars or bikes.
  • WHAT: Just a few favourite stories about family escapades.
  • WHERE: Our favourite places.
  • HOW: Photos labelled briefly as to who, what, where & when, if possible.

Don’t be deceived, it takes time to get it right. Over the past few days, I spent a lot of time thinking about the possibilities, talking to or visiting relatives, looking through albums and making a rough page plan relating to who, when and what cars are in our photos. I even found some old documents relating to these cars and those who drove them, which may or may not be useful for backgrounds or labels. My initial focus was the photo with the motorbike because it related to the Car Birth Sign some of my family members were born under. Car Birth Signs are like astrological signs but describe what car or mode of transport your parents had when you were born and provide an interesting twist to your family history. Look for cars hidden away in the background of your photos too. Perhaps you might discover an Oldsmobile, a Willy’s Overland, a Bondi tram, a milk cart, an Aerial Red Hunter bike, a Sunbeam Alpine, a Malvern Star, a Mini Minor, a Toyota Corolla, a Holden Kingswood, a Leyland P76 or Ford Falcon amongst your photos. Ask your friends and relatives and the memories and ideas will soon flow. Now, do you know what your Car Sign is? Can you guess while the photo is so wrinkled?

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