1841 Map of Australia & New South Wales by William Baker.

Crossing Boundaries.

1841 Baker, William. Map of a portion of Australia showing the area of the twenty located counties of New South Wales with the adjoining eight grazing districts. NLA MAP NK 5348.

 While looking for information on the 1841 NSW Census for Yass, in the Lachlan Land District, I came across a rather tantalizing map at the National Library of Australia. Closer examination of the fine print revealed that the map was dated 1841 but was not from the census but for a report to the Legislative Council of New South Wales in 1840 regarding proposed boundaries within NSW. Although the map has statistics for each of the eight grazing districts in New South Wales some of the numbers unfortunately, are rather hard to read. Frustratingly, the State Records of New South Wales has an index for the 1841 Census but details for individuals are not listed for the Lachlan and Macquarie Districts. Henry O’Brien, of Douro and Hamilton Hume, of Cooma in nearby County Murray are both listed with references to the microfilm reel which would hopefully provide more information from the 1841 Census.

1841 Map of Australia. William Baker. SLNSW Map Call Z/M2 806/1841/1

While in Sydney recently I visited the Mitchell Library section of the State Library of New South Wales to check their aperture card version of the map to see if  their numbers would be clearer, part of which is shown below.


So far we have the following statistics including those for the Lachlan, Maneroo & Murrumbidgee Districts. However, the 1840 Report would need to be checked to ascertain their accuracy. Fortunately, Trove has the 1840 Report at 5 libraries but not at Sydney so we will have to wait and see for the time being.

District            Stations    Acres Cultivated  Population  Horses      Cattle       Sheep

Bligh                      44            218                        402              241?         24,064     118,341

Lachlan                 84        1,945                          792            1,027          37,920     114,134

Liverpool Plains 121           292                       1,042           1,045        102,758    230,102

Maneroo              132        1,031                       1,651            2,133          78,473    230,150

Murrumbidgee   147        1,795                       1,139             1,517          62,348?  183,654?

New England        56           361                          702               262         13,850     201,926

Port Macquarie    22          590                         287                169           5,833?     14,642?

Wellington            56          433                         656                 436       26,370      119,441

Now why are there Twenty Counties and not Nineteen? Simply another part of the report’s proposal, or not? Mmmmm…

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